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FUDGE Role-Playing Game

A hugely polished open and freely to be had obtain capable cross-genre position enjoying video game rule set from the early Nineties. worth a look.


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Oh, and it also finds the time to reveal a secret con trick that can make you a grand or so in a day. Shouldn’t this be a three-part concept album on separate discs? Wow, it’s only 11 songs and they’re all under four minutes long. Way to go Skinner – but couldn’t you have told me about all this before I started to spend £200 a session on this quack in South Kensington? There’s going to be a few reviews about this being Mike’s “self-indulgent comedown album”, but they’ll all be bullshit. This album isn’t moaning about the pressures of fame.

We sound like: “It’s atmospheric. Our demo has two songs – ‘AK47’ and ‘Blow Me Away’. ” We also like: “The Stone Roses, Radiohead and DJ Shadow. ” Our style is: “We’re not moshers, scallies or chavs. ” In five years’ time we’d like to be: “Ideally? tk YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx For Support! 2) FLOPHOUSE admit to being “Canadians who dig good music”, which we can agree with as they list The Clash as an influence. 3) THE HEDGEHUNTERS are a bunch of 14year-olds who perform ‘Riot Van’ with sax. Yes, sax.

Crosses 2. Storm 7”: 1. Crosses 2. Storm BEARSUIT Steven F**king Spielberg (Fantastic Plastic) LTD CD: 1. Steven F***king Spielberg 2. Shhh Get Out 3. XXVVV XXVVV 4. Steven F***king Spielberg (video) LTD 7”: 1. Steven F***king Spielberg 2. Shhh Get Out 3. XXVVV XXVVV NADA SURF Always Love (City Slang) CD: 1. Always Love 2 Where Is My Mind 3 Born Curious 7”: 1. Always Love 2. Where Is My Mind See page 47 for the latest releases from Virgin Megastores’ 8 April 2006 NME 45 EVERY DAY AT 7PM ON MTV2 NEW TO MTV2 THIS WEEK THIS WEEK’S VIDEO TOP 10 BEHIND THE VIDEO LAST WEEK Pretty Things 1 Dirty Bang Bang You’re Dead On the journey home from South By SouthWest, Carl mentioned this title at the airport and was immediately seized by security, bagged, tagged and made to swim home.

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