Lessons From The Miracle Doctors by Barron J

By Barron J

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By Barron J

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Org Lessons from the Miracle Doctors - 32 - Diet, the Slow Killer 4. Refined to Death 5. What's the Big Deal about Organic (which will be covered in Chapter 7) 1. The Question Of Meat Probably no topic has been more discussed (and is more confusing) than what constitutes the optimum diet. There's the: Caveman diet The blood-type diet The Hi-carbo diet The Low-carbo diet The High-protein diet The Low-protein diet The Steak Lover's diet The Vegetarian diet The Vegan (or pure vegetarian) diet The Hollywood diet The Scarsdale diet The Twinkie diet etc.

Build up slowly to the recommended dosage for your particular supplement. Eating yogurt (unless you make your own) does not really help. First, the bacteria used to make most yogurt (L. bulgaricus and S. thermophilus) are not the key beneficial bacteria, although they are indeed helpful. (Some brands throw a small amount of acidophilus in after the fact—just so they can put it on the label). Even more important, though, much of the yogurt that you buy in the store is now pasteurized after it is made.

What About Dairy? The average American typically eats close to 600 pounds of dairy products a year, which makes it the single largest component of their diet. Unfortunately, this may not be as healthy as the milk ads you see on TV would lead you to believe. Even if the cow's milk you get is free of chemicals, growth hormones, allergenic proteins, blood, pus, antibiotics, bacteria, and viruses typically found in milk, you still have major problems. Cow's milk is not designed for people. 2 (Human milk is designed to take an infant from 8 pounds to 40 pounds in 18 months.

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