Making health policy by Walt, Gillian; Mays, Nicholas; Buse, Kent

By Walt, Gillian; Mays, Nicholas; Buse, Kent

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By Walt, Gillian; Mays, Nicholas; Buse, Kent

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Saudi Arabia provides an example of this increasingly rare system. Health policy relies heavily on the private sector with the elite using facilities in other countries as the need arises. • populist. These are based upon single or dominant political parties, are highly nationalist and leadership tends to be personalized. Participation is highly regimented through mass movements controlled by the state or a political party. Elites may have some influence on the government either through kinship with the leader or membership of the political party.

The existence of this network is not proof that an elite dominates all health reform policy. If it were found that other policy issues in the broader international health policy context were influenced by individuals and institutions which were based in other countries, and staffed by decision makers with different credentials and backgrounds, you might conclude that a form of modified pluralism existed. The differences between them are not trivial in that they carry important implications for analysing who has power and what explains policy change.

Nonetheless, you will see many examples in this book which suggest that an elite wields considerable influence even in the relatively mundane realm of day-to-day health policy making. Elite theorists suggest that power may be based on a variety of resources: wealth, family connections, technical expertise, office or education. Yet what is also important is that for any one member of the elite, power is unlikely to depend on only one source. 86] at [07/18/16]. Copyright © McGraw-Hill Global Education Holdings, LLC.

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