Out of Control by Emma Hillman

By Emma Hillman

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By Emma Hillman

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Sure, their race was nearly extinct, but I knew there were still some in Asia and Africa. Why me when I was just a human stray? I guess I’d get the answer to that one soon. He leaned forward and grabbed my hand, pulling me after him without another word. A menacing growl warned the others to stay away as I stumbled forward in my cheap flip flops, trying to quell the fear rising inside me at the thought of being alone with Leo after so long. I knew what he’d want to discuss, and I wasn’t too sure what scared me the most: his questioning or his kissing.

I leaned back on my hands, offering myself to him as if I had every right to. The thought froze inside my head. ” He’d sucked on my nipple, drawing it inside his mouth for an amazing second. What had been I thinking of? “Stop thinking, Jade. ” I closed my eyes and did as told, letting him pet me and lick me and squeeze me. Little moans kept escaping my parted lips, and he encouraged me to be even noisier, telling me how hot he thought it was. That’s when it hit me. He wanted me to be loud so the other four would hear me with him.

You can’t order me around, Leo. ” His left eyebrow cocked up. I hooked my arms around his neck and pulled his head down. I took his mouth and relished his surprised moan when my tongue met his. When I was sure his focus was entirely on me, I kicked with my legs. He stepped back with a groan of pain, but he was so massively built, I knew the hurt would fade in mere seconds. In the meantime, I jumped down from the counter and ran to the nearest mirror. He was behind me nearly as soon as I reached it, but I’d had enough time to look at my neck.

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