Problems of Product Design and Development by C. Hearn Buck (Auth.)

By C. Hearn Buck (Auth.)

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By C. Hearn Buck (Auth.)

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There is m u c h r o o m for improvement in design, even in some very old-established products. T h e designer continually questions existing standards o f function and use. It is the designer's responsibility to formulate these questions in precise terms appropriate to the nature o f the product, and to work out a design in which all the questions have been given acceptable answers. In this chapter we shall indicate the general nature o f these questions. 47 48 P R O D U C T DESIGN A N D D E V E L O P M E N T "WHAT WILL IT D O ?

It is likely that the total o f items 1 (a) and 1 (b) is equal to the number o f newly married couples, and this figure is obtainable from official sources. T h e numerical value o f 2(a) can be estimated if we know the numbers o f cookers o f different types, 44 PRODUCT DESIGN AND D E V E L O P M E N T that is using solid, liquid or gaseous fuel, and the average life o f each type. Item 2 ( b ) which really includes 2(c) is difficult to estimate. O n e o f the problems is that the makers o f gas cookers will be equally forceful in presenting their o w n case.

It also specifies certain dimensions which may critically affect the performance. It specifies a number o f performance requirements, which are intended to secure safe and economical operations, and finally it specifies methods o f testing the performance. There are many national standards institutions. Photographers will have noticed that film speeds are expressed in various ways, such as D . I . N . 28. These are actually approximate equivalents, and the initials refer to the German, American and British standards institutions respectively.

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