Research Using Small Tokamaks (IAEA TECDOC-969)

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The vacuum vessel is bakeable up to 150°C by poloidal induced current heating. There are fixed and movable limiters made of graphite inside vacuum chamber. The pumping system of HL-1M consists of three turbomolecular pumps (1500 / /s,each) used as main pumps during operation and a cryogenic pump (for H 2 O, 900 / / s ; for N 2 , 8 0 0 / / s ) used to increase the pumping speed for water vapour. In addition, an ion sputtering pump (200 I /s, sustaining pressure 10~ 4 Pa) is used as sustaining pump during no-operation period.

The minor 49 disruption can be also identified by the negative loop voltage spike, followed by an increase of the plasma resistivity (fig. 5b). The effect of a magnetic perturbation created by the m/n = 4/1, over the TBR discharges, is presented in fig. 6. Once again, a significant attenuation of the Mirnov oscillations is observed, although there are some perceptible differences when comparing these results with the ones obtained by using the EML system. For example, when the magnetic coil fluctuating signals in figs.

10 12 14 1- HO POUT 16 2*if - SHALL peers 1 NBI PORT 1 to IS - STANDARD PORTS FIG lo - GENERAL SCHEMATIC OF SST1 (PLAN) WC 16 - CEHtRAL SCHEMATIC Of SST1 (tlfTATIOH) 31 VACUUM SYSTEM Fig. 1 shows a cross-sectional elevation of the vessel and cryostat. The vacuum vessel is •+J * an all-welded continuous structure made of SS-304L. There are 16 wedge-shaped sectors. 1 cm thick, and 16 interconnecting rings. Four interconnecting rings have bellows. To permit long pulse operation up to 1000 sec, all plasma facing components are actively cooled with pressurised water flow.

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