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74 Vessels and Nerves . . . . . . . . 96 Topography, Back ................. 104 Female Breast .............. .. ... 114 Topography, Abdomen and Abdominal Wall ................ . com Ventral and Dorsal Body Wall It has become common practise and is also logic, to study the walls (Paries) of the trunk (Truncus) separately from the content of the cavity, the internal organs, since both parts follow different structural principles. If one takes the view that the body wall is a structure composed of bones and muscles which surround the internal organs, then it consists of chest (Thorax), Abdomen, and Pelvis.

W af ~he arurl.. of 1he sysUimic circuletion. The function of arteries is to transport blood from the heart to the periphery of the body 01' into 1tle lungs. g. g. As. brschialis and femorslis). Blood travels 1tlrough arteries with ever more narrow diameter to reach arterioles and enter into a capillary networlc: where the exchange of oxygen takes place between the blood and the tissue. Il;;:ttt-- 1l'ilil11il p~lrior pul.. 1\=• r - - Doreellepedle pul.. in women: A. CMirica Clinical R e m a r k s - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - .

The joint capsule encloses the joint cavity and consists of an outer fibrous membrana (Mambmna fibrosa} and an innnar synovial membrana (Membmna synovialis). g. small carpal joints of the hand and foot; Articulatio sacroiliacal. Fig. 23 Structure of the joint ClpiUie. [24) The join1 capsule is composed of the Membmna fibrosa and the Membmna synovialis. The Mlmbrene fi)rau consists of tough fibrous tissue. b is composed of the following layers: a superficial loose layer of A calls (type A synovialocytas or M calls, specialized macrophages which metabolize the metabolic compounds produced by the calls in the joint cartilage).

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