Sobotta Atlas of Human Anatomy, Vol. 2: Trunk, Viscera, by Sobotta

By Sobotta

This is often the hot 14th version of the vintage atlas in English with Latin labels.

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By Sobotta

This is often the hot 14th version of the vintage atlas in English with Latin labels.

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Dorsalis scapulae • Mm. rhomboidei major at minor R profundus (A. transversa colli) • 81 5 Fig. 8 1 4 Vessels and nerves of the occipital reg ion, Regio occipitalis, and the posterior cervical reg ion, Regio cervicalis posterior. 813 � S ke le t o n S u rfa ce Back Cervical part of the vertebral canal N occipitalis major L N. occipitalis tertius M. semispinalis capitis . M obliquus capitis superior . • M. rectus capitis posterior minor M. rectus capitis posterior major . Os temporale, Proc mastoideus A.

Back Lumbar and sacral puncture Vertebra lumballs III �- �� � � Fig. 823 Lumbar pu ncture to obta i n cerebrospinal fluid. Liquor cerebrospinalis. o r for lumbal a naesthesia; position of the patient. Cauda equina Plexus venosus vertebralis internus posterior Vertebra lumbalis III, Proc. -"'''0::----;'- Dura mater spinalis ""r:--:'--_ Lig. flavum Lamina arcus vertebrae IV 1-7 8181 Fig. 824 Lumbar pu ncture ; g u idance of the punct u re needle. Fig. 825 Sacral pu nctu re ; g u i d a nce o f t h e puncture needle.

Intercostales) 814 812 Fig. 8 1 3 Vessels a n d n e rves of t h e occip ital reg i o n . Regio occipitalis. t h e poste rior cervical region, Regio cervica lis posterior, and t h e upper back. M u sc le s To pogra p hy Sect i o n s p p . 29, 3 5 Vessels and nerves of the posterior cervical region Protuberantia occipitalis externa • M. epicranius; M. occipitofrontalis, Venter occipitalis M . semispinalis capitis . M. rectus capitis posterior major . N SubOcc'pitalis M. obliquus • capitis superior �U"-�-- • A occipitalis -"':;"-"i��� ""';:�"-:J--- Alias, Arcus posterior Fascia nuchae M.

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