Surface Physics of Materials. Materials Science and by J. M. Blakely (Eds.)

By J. M. Blakely (Eds.)

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By J. M. Blakely (Eds.)

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P. BONZEL bcc METALS n-3 I 1 τ• - " ^ V . 4 Fig. 9. Arrhenius plot of surface self-diíTusion coefficients for bcc metals; is the absolute melting temperature of a metal. M o , Allen (1972); Mo(lOO), Singer (1970); Cr, Allen (1969); N b , Allen (1972); W(IOO), Bowden a n d Singer (1969); Re, Allen (1972); W, Barbour et al. (1960); W ( l l O ) a d a t o m , Ehrlich a n d H u d d a (1966). to describe the temperature dependence of D, based on the d a t a presented in Fig. 9. 2 X 1 0 ^ e x p ( - £ ; TJRTI D 3 = 1 .

C H A R B O N N I E R , F . M . , D O L A N , W . W . , D Y K E , W . , M A R T I N , E . E . , a n d T R O L A N , J . K . (1960). Phys. Rev. 117, 1452. BARNES, R . , a n d M A Z E Y , D . J. (1963). Proc. Roy. Soc. (London) 275, 47. BARRER, R . M . (1941). " C a m b r i d g e Univ. Press, L o n d o n and New York. BARRER, R . M . (1967). In "The Solid-Gas Interface" (E. A. ), Vol. 2, p. 557. Dekker, New York. BASSETT, D . W . , a n d PARSLEY, M . J. (1970). J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys.

VI. E X P E R I M E N T A L T E C H N I Q U E S A detailed description of the available experimental techniques for measur­ ing surface diffusion coefficients on crystalline surfaces will not be presented in this article since it would take up too much space. The interested reader should consult other review papers listed in Table I or suitable original papers. TABLE IV SURVEY OF EXPERIMENTAL T E C H N I Q U E S (FOR M E A S U R I N G S U R F A C E D I F F U S I O N ) Measured diffusion coefficient Classification of measuring techniques SD H D I References A Field ion emission microscopy ( F I M ) Al Adsorbed atoms, r a n d o m walk Β Bl B2 B3 Field electron emission microscopy ( F E M ) Ring rate technique, tip blunting Field build-up protrusion decay Spreading of a d s ó r b a t e X X C CI C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 Bulk sample, capillarity driven Grain b o u n d a r y grooving Sinusoidal profile decay Single scratch decay Linear facet growth Sintering of small particle Void migration Coalescence of particles X X X X X X e f g h i J D Bulk sample, concentration gradient D l Radioactive tracer D 2 Change in work function, thermoionic emission due to adsórbate D 3 Secondary ion emission D 4 Auger electron spectroscopy X X X Ε El E2 E3 X X V a p o r deposition (concentration gradient) G r o w t h of whiskers and platelets Nucleation and growth of small particles on a substrate Diffusion during vapor deposition m η o X ?

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