The Magic Anatomy Book by Carol Donner

By Carol Donner

Relates the adventures of 2 youngsters as they trip during the human physique and know about its constitution.

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By Carol Donner

Relates the adventures of 2 youngsters as they trip during the human physique and know about its constitution.

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Beasts of prey constitute a greater hazard on the savannah than in the rain forest, and gradually the hominids gathered in bigger groups for better protection and to acquire food more effectively. Over time the brain grew in size in order to cope with the harsher way of life and the increased social complexity. Natural selection saw to it that walking upright (and later, running) became more natural by reshaping the bones of the pelvis, resulting in a smaller and narrower pelvic girdle. In order for the head of a newborn to pass through the pelvis, hominid children were born increasingly underdeveloped.

A treatise of human nature, Book 1, Part rv, Section VI. iii. Johnson ( 1 987). iv. Tulving ( 1 985). v. Dennett ( 1 978), Chapter 8. vi. Tomasello and Call ( 1 997), pp. 370-4. vii. Damasio ( 1 995). viii. Hawkins and Kandel ( 1 984).

1 0 H O W H O M O B E C A M E S A P I E N S "Talk about a guy who's living in a world of his own:' snorts Egon. Darwin said that humans were just another of the animals. One result of his theory of evolution is that most people nowadays agree that you can talk about thinking and consciousness even among animals whose brains do not have all the functions of human brains. Since thinking is a complex phenomenon, there is no simple 'Yes' or 'No' answer to the question of whether an organism (or an artificial system) can think; one should talk about levels of thinking.

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