J’ai fini le scénario/story board pour la bédé, et après plusieurs essais/tests, je suis arrivé à un style graphique abouti. Les couleurs ne sont pas finales bien sur. Seulement 1 semaine pour finir les 3 pages maintenant … ^^;

Finished the scenario/story board for the comic, and after a few graphical tests, I’m ready to get started. Colors aren’t final of course. Only 7 days to complete the 3 pages now … ^^;


Portfolio mis à jour. Meilleure qualité d’images et quelques ajouts.

Catégories mises à jour. Vous pouvez maintenant filtrer tout un tas de mots clefs qui vous permettent par exemple de voir toutes les images d’un projet en particulier. Exemple: Drawings – Children’s Books – Lif

Portfolio updated. Better picture quality and a few additons. 

Categories updated. You can now filter a high number of keywords which allows you to display images from a same project. Example: Drawings – Children’s Books – Lif


Merci Virginie <3

Giant Sketches

Je prépare le concours Jeunes Auteurs du festival d’Angoulême: de 1 à 3 planches sans sujet imposé. je veux refaire quelque chose avec Richter et cherche une mise en situation exploitable en peu de planches. Ce soir j’ai dessiné une série de croquis où est apparu ce géant:

Seul problème, il ressemble vraiment à un dessin de Kittelsen. Je ne sais pas encore si je le garde ou non. ^_^;

Furets Sauvages

Une des raisons pour laquelle j’aime tant partager ma vie avec nos furets est que, contrairement à la plupart des chiens et chats vivant en appartement, ils semblent garder un comportement très proche de celui qu’ils auraient en milieu naturel*. Leur présence donne à notre petit appartement Parisien cette dimension sauvage qui me manque tant quand je suis loin de la forêt.

One of the reasons I like living with ferrets so much is that, unlike most cats and dogs living in apartments, they seem to keep a general behaviour close to the one they’d have in the wild*. Their presence gives our little Parisian flat that kind of wild atmosphere I miss so much when I’m far from the forest.

couleurs demain / colours tomorrow ~

*Oui, je sais que les furets sont une race domestique, mais vous voyez ce que je veux dire …

*Yeah, I know ferrets are a domestic race, but you see what I mean …


J’ai remarqué que le site du festival d’Angoulème organisait un concours de Bd finissant vers le 20 novembre. Seulement 3 pages … Je vais essayer de faire quelques chose.

Noticed the Angouleme festival site is organizing a comic contest. I’ll try to participate.


Speed Drawing #3

Repost des speed drawings …

I’d love to see a drawing of a robot standing in the middle of a field (with some flowers, blue sky & clouds, and maybe a couple of trees), looking contemplative, as if he suspects he doesn’t quite belong.

as for a request I once read in a review of Heavenly Sword that Nariko look like she has a octopus on her head instead of hair. So that’s my request draw me Nariko with an octopus as her hair, oh and more! while we’re at it draw your interpretation of the Twing-twang thing that Nariko ask Kai to do XD


Could you draw the Jack-In-The-Box fast food chain mascot and a tall curly haired man relaxing on a Southern Baptist only sea cruise with some pterodactyls? It sounds really strange but it’s kind of an in joke with a friend of mine.


Hmm I want you to draw the creepiest, scariest and such dark place. Think Silent Hill, Bioshock or Rule of Rose or even type of scenarios. And yes… I want a kitten or a cat as a subject in this room/road/park. May this cat/kitten be corrupted or something along the lines. May it be black and let it been seen by a couple in horror.


niki, can you pleasepleaseplease draw me gleefully rolling around a Katamari ball and picking up random GFFers while others try to run for cover? If that’s not too much trouble.


Hmm.. I’d like to see a werewolf themed pic, wherein, an angry (pitchfork and torch-wielding) mob watches on as they lynch some poor sop. There should also be a werewolf lurking not too far in the darkness!



If you can, I’d like to see some dude(wearing a tux!) swinging an axe at a fairy(wearing a top hat) who won’t get off of his grand piano.


draw lix in the midst of his GONNA EAT U SON pounce attack on this top-hatted whale using them Japanese speed line thingies – thar be reference material in my journal if you need it. =I

404 & DB errors

C’est la deuxième fois en 5 jours que la base de données dont laquelle depend le site … disparait sans laisser de trace. Toute l’activitée de ces 5 derniers jours est donc perdue. Désolé et merci pour vos commentaires. =(

Je vous représente donc le petit dessin fait pour les erreurs 404.

It’s the second time in 5 days that the site database simply … disapears. Everything from these last 5 days is lost. Sorry and thanks for your comments. =(

let’s reintroduce that tiny custom error 404 pic, then.

Speed Drawing #2

Les speed drawings continuent. Pour l’instant je ne m’en lasse pas. =p

I want to see you draw my Rococo the Magical Baker. :3

Hmm, can you draw… one of those face-offs between Samurai in a grass field where both have their swords raised into positions and its all quiet and the only sound is the gentle breeze of the wind plus a cricket, and both men squint their eyes as they know that only one may walk away from this duel alive, and they both know that it will be an honorable death to die in such a way and its all samurai and ancient japan and stuff? tl;dr: draw two samurai about to attack each other.

Draw Xroc88 being Baby Lavos’d. Whatever that means… I couldn’t think of anything else.

hey could you maybe draw an astronaut – female – sort of floating away but attached to her spaceship – preferrably one of those old multiple-rocketed russian models – by some sort of wire?

Could you draw your interpretation of my username? Whatever you want it to be :P

I want to see your rendition of your’s and Virginie’s wedding. Because drawings of one’s family are always lol.

I’m gonna pop in and make a request. Lets see how creative you can get. I wanna see a post apocalyptic scenario where chuck norris is laying the beat down on jackie chan. Has to have volcanoes in the background and some futuristic building ruins. A half destroyed moon in the sky, and whatever else you see fit to add.

A wizard riding a unicorn on a rainbow in space.

I only request one drawing: Denicalis and myself preparing ourselves a glass of absinthe as hordes of beautiful Swedish blond-haired and scantily-clad concubines dance merrily in a narcotic haze all around us… ON THE MOON. (No space gear required since we know there is no moon and the “landing” was filmed in a TV studio anyway.)

Sticking with the whole outer space thing, a whale in a suit and top hat opening its mouth to swallow the moon. The moon cringeing in fear!

Speed Drawing #1

Comme je manquais de motivation pour me remettre au travail, j’ai lancé un sujet sur un forum anglophone où je demande aux gens de faire des requêtes de dessins que j’essaye d’exécuter le plus rapidement possible. C’est un forum plutot axé jeux videos et nerd culture alors faites pas gaffe si vous captez pas. Bref, je les reposterais ici tout les jours. =)

Draw me a picture of aliens drag racing ON THE MOON.

Could I please request Pirate Pang vs. Lord Styphon in a classic Niki-style fight scene?

Please let Phoenix Wright object John Petrucci that he’s grown fat and played ‘Ytse Jam’ wrong back then in Tokyo…

I would love to see your rendition of Ashley Riot, Callo Merlose or any other character from Vagrant Story. Perhaps in an awesome niki-style situation!

Gordon Freeman getting an Ico icecream popsicle from Earthworm Jim who is working from inside Icecream Van Kirby. Toe Jam and Earl are hula dancing on top of Kirby’s roof for no reason at all. Oh and this is all on a deserted island surrounded by vicious swimming beavers and one angry Sass who is giving her cute kitty a ride. =)