Energy Conversion And Particle Acceleration In The Solar by Klein (ed)

By Klein (ed)

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By Klein (ed)

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C. Brown: ‘Solar Flare Theory’. In The Sun as a Star, NASA SP450, ed. by S. 413-470 103. A. Sweet: The Neutral Point Theory of Solar Flares in ‘Electromagnetic Phenomena in Cosmical Physics’, ed. by B. Lehnert, IAU Symp. 123 ˇ 104. Z. Svestka: Solar Flares (D. Reidel Publ. Co. Dordrecht, 1976) ˇ 105. Z. Svestka: Solar Phys. 121, 399 (1989) 106. T. Tajima, J. Sakai, H. Nakajima, T. Kosugi, F. R. Kundu: Astrophys. J. 321, 1031 (1987) 107. M. Ugai: Geophys. Res. Lett. 14, 103 (1987) 108. M. Ugai: Phys.

2 Modelling Coronal Magnetic Fields To understand the energy release and conversion processes in the solar corona we need a detailed knowledge of solar magnetic fields since most phenomena we observe are produced directly by a subtle nonlinear interaction between the solar atmospheric plasma and the magnetic field [19, 21]. However, we can only measure the magnetic field reliably at the solar surface, and so a knowledge of the overlying fields depends on an extrapolation from those values upwards.

3c). – Interacting-Structure Flares include interacting-loop flares, merging or emerging-flux flares, etc. The reconnection between interacting magnetic systems (Fig. 3a,b) is governed by emerging/merging motions, or is driven by coalescence instability [26, 50, 106]. A frequent feature associated with flares of this class is an opposite polarity “intrusion” within the dominant photospheric field, often created by a newly emerging flux. The tension of overlying field prevents the expansion of emerging flux, providing the current sheet formation (Fig.

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