New Ys 2 Special Recording

Hey guys, long time no see !

First of all, an exiting update concerning the Ys 2 Special Game Recording I posted a while ago.

zonx, from South Korea, posted a comment on the entry some months ago that unfortunately got lost in the spam filter. I thankfully went through the pending comments containing URLs tonight and noticed it through the pile of viagra advertisement in there.

Here’s his message:

“Hi. I’m zonx from South Korea.

I think that your recordings are based on files in here : (now it closed temporally.)
But, that is not an actually game recording.
It just play *.rol files with bank file and recored it. The uploader said that some instructions are missed. (There is the note of the uploader wrote in Korean.)

So I play the game, record it digital, and make public a “Perfect” Ys II Special Game Recording at my blog.
Here it is :

[unused] is the bgm that not used in game. It cannot be play on game so I copied the recordings on
[secret area] is the bgm that you entered secret area.
[Game World…… ver.] is arrange tracks.”

So yeah, many thanks to zonx for his work and for posting about it here !!! VGM fans worldwide united !!! ^_^

>>> Get it here <<<

2 Responses to “New Ys 2 Special Recording”

  1. Mr. Stranger from Alecrast Says:
    December 10th, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Thanks for this! Nice update on the previous Ys II Special article. (:

    Hopefully this will get English translated not too long from now. The Heroes of LEgend forums had some degree of success working on it.

  2. Nice ! Never thought it would even be a possibility. :)

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