Brandish 1 & 2 PC98 Game Recordings

Among Falcom’ successful series, Brandish is one of those that gets the less attention. Perhaps the fact it’s actually not a part of the Dragonslayer timeline is to blame ? Who knows …

Anyway, Brandish music, while still having that particular Falcom sound, is a lot more melancholic and dark than it’s fellow trademarks. I personally love the resulting atmosphere and melodies, especially in Brandish 1 which got some of my favourite Falcom tunes (oh Mieko Ishikawa <3).

Those 2 recordings were given to me by a Japanese guy I met on They sound different from the original soundtracks (different hardware I guess) and are actually looped twice.

Enjoy ~

>> Download <<

(ps: cover above is actually the Renewal edition, but I think it rawks so heh ~ )

2 Responses to “Brandish 1 & 2 PC98 Game Recordings”

  1. good cover! :)

  2. really enjoyed this rip better than most new Falcom albums XD

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