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. Romancia PC88 (1986)
. Romancia Famicom (1987)
. Romancia ~ Another Legend PC (1998)

Neither of those ever properly made it to CD, eventhough Romancia, without being mind blowing, contains a handful of nifty melodies by Yuzo Koshiro and Takahito Abe. The PC88 recording was encoded from a .s98 log and contains all the original compositions. The Famicom one was encoded and edited from a NSF rip, and contains the sometimes surprisingly arranged original compositions as well as the extra tracks by Compile who ported the game. Finally, Another Legend are recordings from the MIDIs extracted from the game .exe. Ported by Unbalance for Windows in 1998, you could play the game in both original and “arranged” mode. Some of the arrange versions are interesting, especially the Castle Romancia one, in my opinion.

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  1. Wow, they finally discovered a pic of Ishikawa over at VGMdb! Thought you might like to know. Just as I imagined, with the rocking 80’s look ha!

  2. wow thats awesome ! didnt imagine her like that personnaly ! :D

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