Revival Xanadu 2 Remix PC98 Game Recording


Here is one of the few remaining never-released-on-disc Falcom pieces. While Revival Xanadu 1 music was published on the Falcom Special Box ’96, Revival Xanadu 2 just never appeared anywhere, eventhough a lot of it’s music are original pieces. What we have here are epically melancholic progressive chiptunes, often quite reminiscent of Brandish. Hope you like them !

Recorded from Hoot’s OPNA set.

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6 Responses to “Revival Xanadu 2 Remix PC98 Game Recording”

  1. Niki, I can’t tell you how happy you’ve made a longtime Falcom fan. Much much appreciation for this Falcom goodness. I think I’ve died and gone to Mieko Ishikawa heaven. xD

  2. haha you’re welcome. its comments from people who do know what it’s really about like you that make me share that stuff. glad you enjoyed ! :D

  3. Obscure Uematsu AND SoundTeMP, on top on Falcom Sound Team jdk?! Truly truly awesome friend. Thanks yet again!

    Anyway, Ryo Yonemitsu composed for Ys 3 PCE? Not too sure, but if you say so…

  4. hehe, yep several sources credit him. of course its always dificult to know for sure with Falcom, but the PCE openings are indeed unheard anywhere else ~

  5. Ah, very cool. ;)

  6. Just discovered these in HOOT. Very nice tunes!

    Thanks for recording them!

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