Ze Return of ze Salade

So it would seem we’re kinda back … In case some of our 4 readers would actually remember us, we’d like to say sorry for the couple years of intense wait it must have been. heh ^_^;

Anyway, both of us have been caught into, you know, real life business as they say, and we still are more than ever. That’s why instead of resurrecting our oh-so-ambitious project we thought of doing a rather simple blog thingie to finally get things started.

Started to what ? Who knows. But yeah we’re back. =3

4 Responses to “Ze Return of ze Salade”

  1. Comments were accidentally deleted. Sorry guys =s

  2. namco man co, Says:
    May 20th, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    Hi I saw the wizardry rips and they are awesome, but I was wondering, could you upload the arranged cds? I have been looking for them but they are no where to be found and I can´t really afford to buy them, so yeah please help me! :)

  3. Oh i found youu ! I’m so happy :)

  4. who’s that ? :p

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