Dualtrax Music Archive

folderIf you were pirating software back in early 2000’s, you’ve probably already heard Dualtrax’s music. This awesome chiptune artist composed many rocking keygen tunes for various release teams, including the infamous Orion. Dualtrax’s website has been down for a while, and it’s sad, so I decided to share the mp3s I did from the .xm files he used to have hosted there. You’ll find keygen music in there, as well as many other bouncy chiptunes. I left the filenames formatting and structures as close to the original archives as possible. Thought it was more in the spirit. :3

… where the stars come out at night …

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  1. Thanks so much for uploading

  2. Dualtrax’ original site can still be accessed here:


    Get your mirroring done while you still can, his music is flawless.

  3. Thank you SO much for uploading this.

  4. The website http://www.dualtrax.com is back online. :)

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