Miraculum PCFX Game Rip


The PCFX is a quite obscure system, and so are the few games on it. I happen to own one though, and used to be quite fascinated with it. Developed by the now defunct RayForce, which gave us Startling Odyssey and Star Breaker on the PC Engine, Miraculum is a nice little RPG. It doesn’t shine by much aspects and I didn’t play far into the game, but the few nice tunes I heard while playing made me want to hear more. Sadly, the game has no redbook tracks.

I recently stumbled on a thread on one of the few PCFX dedicated forums on the web where Mednafen offered ogg recordings of the ADCPM rips he did of the game. I promptly grabbed them and was pleasantly surprised with what I heard. The rocking battle themes are especially enjoyable, with a very Iwadare feel. Watching the end credits on nico revealed that a certain Kenji Ikeda was responsible for them.

The sound isn’t perfect, as Mednafen himself said his ADCPM rips weren’t completely accurate. I mailed him about a way to enhance this, but he has yet to answer. So, this is as good as it gets ~

Many thanks to Mednafen again, and enjoy !

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