Might & Magic 6 Redbook Audio

August 10th, 2012 niki

Western RPG music ! It’s been a while eh ? I have already posted some older Might & Magic tunes in the past, and I thought I would add the CDDA rip I made from episode 6. The excellent Tim Tully isn’t there anymore, and have been replaced by the Baca/King/Romero trio that will compose most of the franchise soundtracks for a while. While the next Might & Magic and Heroes games will focus more on bombastic, choir driven soundtracks, this one still relies on simple, atmospheric melodies, which I personally prefer. The mood goes from eerie to dark, and many nostalgic chords feel the soul of the veteran RPG player with this is old craving for adventures in an unknown fantasy land.

Enjoy !

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Fantasm Soldier Valis PC88

July 18th, 2012 niki


More than a year since an update. I hope you guys still have us in your RSS readers !

Anyways, here are recordings from the first 1986 Valis game. Both PC88 OPN and OPNA versions are contained in the archive. I converted them from an s98 archive long ago, and don’t know how faithful they are to the originals, but they stand, in my opinion, among the most impressive early chiptune works. Shinobu Ogawa was still the only composer for this fist episode, before Tenpei Sato joined him for the more popular episode 2 (which contains rocking tunes as well indeed).

What I like about what we have here, is how complex some of these tunes are, and yet how crystalline they sound. There’s a lot of metal influence, as been proven since then by the awesome Toshinori Hiramatsu, and the mood varies from epic, to dark and melancholic in 15 short songs.

Anyway, enjoy ~

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Romancia Pack

March 29th, 2011 niki


In this archive:

. Romancia PC88 (1986)
. Romancia Famicom (1987)
. Romancia ~ Another Legend PC (1998)

Neither of those ever properly made it to CD, eventhough Romancia, without being mind blowing, contains a handful of nifty melodies by Yuzo Koshiro and Takahito Abe. The PC88 recording was encoded from a .s98 log and contains all the original compositions. The Famicom one was encoded and edited from a NSF rip, and contains the sometimes surprisingly arranged original compositions as well as the extra tracks by Compile who ported the game. Finally, Another Legend are recordings from the MIDIs extracted from the game .exe. Ported by Unbalance for Windows in 1998, you could play the game in both original and “arranged” mode. Some of the arrange versions are interesting, especially the Castle Romancia one, in my opinion.

Enjoy ~

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Xanadu PC88 Music Pack

March 27th, 2011 niki


More unreleased Falcom goodness. Contained in this archive are PC88 recordings of Xanadu and Xanadu Scenario 2. Original 1985 Xanadu music doesnt do much more than introducing the famous “La Valse pour Xanadu” theme by Toshiya Takahashi. Xanadu Scenario 2, however, raises the bar with many beautiful and catchy melodies by Takahito Abe and Yuzo Koshiro.

Enjoy ~

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Brandish VT PC98 Game Recording

March 26th, 2011 niki


Here is the original music to the, so far, last chapter in the Brandish series (Brandish 4 is actually the same game ported to Windows). The original PC98 music wasn’t ever released anywhere by Falcom, so I decided to record it from Hoot some years ago. While being atmospheric and pleasant, the music here is nothing special by Falcom’s standards. Oh well, it’s unreleased Falcom. ^^

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ps: Knurek mentioned to me some years ago that some percussion samples were missing from my Hoot archive when I recorded this. I think it’s hardly noticeable except for a couple songs, and thus never re-recorded the whole thing, but thought I’d mention it ~

Ys 2 Special Game Recording

March 23rd, 2011 niki


I never thought I’d one day make something as awesome as adding “FalcomandSoundTeMP” tags to an entry here on saladedemaïs. This day has arrived though, and to explain how, I will quote Seldane/FM77, who’s responsible for bringing that gem to the light:

“In 1994, something fantastic was created. A Korean company known as MANTRA released a game called Ys II SPECIAL – under the slogan “Features For The Future.”

“Ys II SPECIAL is – just like Ys II ETERNAL – a remake of the original Ys II. However, Ys II SPECIAL is so much more than just a remake. It can be compared to what Taito did with Ys IV: Mask of the Sun. They gave the game a whole new layout – a whole new feel – and named it Ys IV: Mask of the Sun – A New Theory. This is what MANTRA did – they made “a new theory” of Ys II. (Although – unlike Taito – MANTRA succeeded in it.)”

Exited yet ? Wait for the rest …

“It contains all the music from Ys II, but since this game contains so much more than Ys II does, it needs more music. And it has. Lots of it. And it is good! It was composed by a group of Korean musicians known as soundTEmP.”

Bam. There you go. Suddenly you realize there’s Falcom music arranged for DOS Adlib by the composers of Ragnarok Online out there. Oh, and I don’t know about you but I’m also an Adlib fan by the way. So yeah, I just had to get my hands on this. A link to a Korean website containing all the recorded tracks was posted on Seldane’s Ancient Land of Ys, but turned out to be dead. Fortunately, I managed to get them from someone who carefully saved them (thanks again Groenegel <3), and could finally feast my ears on this improbable awesomeness. And here it is delivered to you, faithful *cough* readers. I tagged, renamed and reordered everything according to the usual Ys 2 tracklisting, incorporating SoundTeMP’s work here and there. I didn’t play the game though, so the order probably won’t make sense to those who did (approximately 7 people outside of Korea, that is).

As a bonus, I added arranged tracks from this album. ;)

Well, enjoy !!! :D

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edit 24/03/2011: tracks reordered and renamed after Groenegel’s recommendations ;)

Read Seldane’s full Ys II Special Article

edit 04/10/2013: new proper recording by zonx !

Sylvan Tale Game Gear Game Recording

March 22nd, 2011 niki


Another Game Gear RPG soundtrack here. Developed by Sega itself, the music was composed by Saori Kobayashi of Panzer Dragoon fame. The main theme melody is very pleasant, and the whole thing has that typical Game Gear clear “bumpyness” that I personally like a lot. This archive was encoded from Johnnyz’s unreleased .vgm game log that he sent me a couple years ago. Props to him ~

Anyway, enjoy !

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Miraculum PCFX Game Rip

June 3rd, 2010 niki


The PCFX is a quite obscure system, and so are the few games on it. I happen to own one though, and used to be quite fascinated with it. Developed by the now defunct RayForce, which gave us Startling Odyssey and Star Breaker on the PC Engine, Miraculum is a nice little RPG. It doesn’t shine by much aspects and I didn’t play far into the game, but the few nice tunes I heard while playing made me want to hear more. Sadly, the game has no redbook tracks.

I recently stumbled on a thread on one of the few PCFX dedicated forums on the web where Mednafen offered ogg recordings of the ADCPM rips he did of the game. I promptly grabbed them and was pleasantly surprised with what I heard. The rocking battle themes are especially enjoyable, with a very Iwadare feel. Watching the end credits on nico revealed that a certain Kenji Ikeda was responsible for them.

The sound isn’t perfect, as Mednafen himself said his ADCPM rips weren’t completely accurate. I mailed him about a way to enhance this, but he has yet to answer. So, this is as good as it gets ~

Many thanks to Mednafen again, and enjoy !

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Ys 3 PCE Game Recording & Redbook Audio

May 10th, 2010 niki


Same concept as the Ys 1 & 2 one posted a while ago. This contains all music from the Ys 3 PC Engine game, including the Japanese redbook tracks, the PSGs, and the US dubbed redbook tracks. Maybe my favourite Falcom work ever ! =D

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Dualtrax Music Archive

February 8th, 2010 niki

folderIf you were pirating software back in early 2000’s, you’ve probably already heard Dualtrax’s music. This awesome chiptune artist composed many rocking keygen tunes for various release teams, including the infamous Orion. Dualtrax’s website has been down for a while, and it’s sad, so I decided to share the mp3s I did from the .xm files he used to have hosted there. You’ll find keygen music in there, as well as many other bouncy chiptunes. I left the filenames formatting and structures as close to the original archives as possible. Thought it was more in the spirit. :3

… where the stars come out at night …

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